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Make A Difference and Money Doing Something Inspiring and Bloody Important!

Welcome to the behind the scenes of a world traditionally shrouded in secret.

Most people hear Period Coaching or Menstrual Coaching and have a LOT of questions. It’s often thought of as a narrow field, like infertility, or those who suffer from really bad period problems.

This is a TINY fraction of Period Coaching!

There’s so much more to it than that. This summit showcases the diversity, ingenuity, and HOW to run a profitable, successful, Period Coaching business. It’s like going to an open house, take a look INSIDE and see what’s possible for you!

About Me

The Period Coach

Stasha Washburn
I’m Stasha , that’s Polish for Stephanie. It’s a question I get a lot.

Not as much as I get asked, “What the heck is a Period Coach?!”.

It’s my life’s mission to end the taboo around menstruation. From little things like marketing to make us feel shame, to the multiple preventable deaths each and every year due to this taboo.

I’ve dreamed of this summit for years. I’m so excited to show you a whole world you had no idea existed.

I’m the Founder of Period Coaching School, author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody and Enter The Red Circle, and creator of the world’s first Period Card Deck!

About the Summit

This summit is geared towards those of you who are interested in starting a Period Coaching business AND those of you who are coaches of clients that menstruate (yes any kind of coach!). Of course you are welcome if you are simply curious!

Period Coaching is one of the most rapidly growing fields today. Health Coaching Market Revenue Will Grow by $1.7 Billion by 2022, New Research Data Says – and Period Coaching is just getting started.

Period Coaching is as big an umbrella as Health Coaching. Take it from someone who certified as a Health Coach in 2011, 10 years ago. I’ve watched the industry expand and grow. Period Coaching is in the same position Health Coaching was 10 years ago.

I was there then, and I’m here now…

…and I can’t WAIT to see what it’s like in 10 years.

Will you be leading the bloody revolution with me?!

In this summit we will cover

Tips for starting your own
Period Coaching business.
What it looks like running
a business with your cycle.
The mistakes we made along
the way, so you don’t have to!
What Period Coaching aka Menstrual
Cycle Coaching or Moon Cycle Coaching
Ways to incorporate Period Coaching into your already existing business, even in different fields like Business Coaching, Health Coaching, Sound Healing, Graphic Design, Planning and Organizing, SO MANY different worlds!

You will hear from

  • Business owners who use their cycles to do less, while making more.
  • People who run successful Menstrual focused businesses.
  • People who overcame serious period problems like PMDD and Endometriosis to create successful businesses that work for them.
  • Real, normal, human beings who have benefited from Period Coaching and using their cycles to their advantage.
  • My partner in life, and occasionally business, and the journey we took together with Tai Chi and the feminine yin Flow.
  • My assistant and what it was like for her to come into a business that’s focused in Flow!

Pulling back the curtain and discovering what it really looks like doing this controversial and desperately needed work – while making a profit and enjoying life with FLOW!

2023 Summit Starts September 1st.
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